About Us

Car Loans Choice aims to give consumers the choice, more than ever before.

Car Loans Choice is a new and innovative venture in car finance launched in 2014.

Our aim is to assist people from all over Australia and all walks of life in finding the best, fairest and cheapest finance option that fits their budget and life situation.

Car Loans Choice helps connect car buyers to the right lenders and finance options in a simple to understand format.

Our ultimate goal is to be the Number 1 car finance comparison website in Australia.

Behind Car Loans Choice is a veteran digital marketing and finance research team with over seven years direct experience in the motor vehicle finance marketplace.

Our team of consultants confidently believe their understanding of consumer needs and finance options can directly benefit every Australian who needs car finance.

Our mission is having all of our clients walk away safe in the knowledge their consultant secured the most competitive rate and the most flexible terms for them.


Our Lenders


Our consultant will compare multiple lenders for you to choose the best car finance solution.
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