Car Lease

Lower monthly repayments compared with a car loan and Flexible repayment options. Get into the car you want quicker by leasing.

Car Lease

Save money by leasing with Car Loan Choice. 

Get into the car you want quicker by leasing from Car Loan Choice. Leasing instead of owning is a
great way to get behind a car. Usually, leasing monthly repayments are less than if you bought a car
outright. At the end of a lease you can choose to buy it, trade it in and begin a new lease, sell it to
pay off the remaining value or hand it back. Car Loan Choice make it simple to get a car lease of your
own. Our financial experts will talk you through all the benefits and obligations to make sure you get
the best, most affordable lease available.


  • Leasing means you won’t be paying off a loan on a vehicle that depreciates over time
  • Lower monthly repayments compared with a car loan
  • You can pay off a lease at the car’s best price, not a retail price
  • Get simple, straightforward advice from our team of experts
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Options at the end of the lease to buy, trade-in or walk away


Why Get Car Lease through Us?

Best Lease Deals

Some of the best lease deals in Australia are at Car Loan Choice.

Expert Advice

Our finance consultants know all there is to know about leasing.

Simple Process

We break leasing down into easy to understand terms. 

Fast Approvals

Our approvals are among the fastest on the market.

Flexible Leasing

We make sure your lease has the most flexible terms and conditions. 

Greater Choice

You get more choice more often at Car Loan Choice.

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Drive Your Car

Sign the paperwork and details of where the funds are to be transferred. Drive your car!

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