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Low Rate Car Finance

At Car Loans Choice, we want to make car finance simple.

You want the best car loan deal, so we offer some of the most competitive car loan rates, the fairest terms and the fastest approvals on the market.

We strive to give you peace of mind when buying your next car, so we make choosing the right car loan as easy as possible. That’s why we will provide you with a range of finance options with alternate lenders, comparision rates and all associated costs involved with it so you get a clearer picture of what the loan costs overall. Car Loans Choice expert finance consultants will tailor the best car loan for your next purchase, guaranteed.


  • Suits private and dealer sales, as well as new and used vehicles
  • We also help people on 457 visa and also with bad credit rating
  • You get a comparison rate and all other costs involved
  • It’s flexible to suit your needs
  • Has a simple repayment structure
  • Gives you an option to repay the loan earlier


Why Get Car Loan through Us?

Low Interest Rates

We approach all the top lenders to find the lowest interest rates on your next car purchase. 

Fast Approval

We usually require 24-48 hours to approve your car finance in most cases.

Multiple Lenders

We represent 10+ reputable lenders nationally to give you a choice of a car loan.

Dealer or Used Cars

We can finance both private and dealers cars (new or used),anywhere in Australia.

Flexible Terms

We offer flexible loan terms available from 1-10 years and easy repayment structure.

100% Finance

If you don’t have a deposit, Car Loans Choice can provide 100% finance on your next car.

What's Next?

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Discuss Loan Options

Consultant will discuss and find a best finance option for you.

Finance Approval

Your finance gets approved through one of our lenders.

Drive Your Car

Sign the documents, lender transfers fund and pick up your new car.

Our Lenders

Get Your Car Loan Today!

We will provide you with a range of finance options with alternate lenders, comparison rates and all the associated costs involved with it. Go ahead and get a quick quote today.