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Caravan Finance

Our caravan finance packages lend you freedom.

If you’ve ever wanted to take to the open road and take your home with you, Car Loans Choice offers a comprehensive range of caravan and recreational vehicle finance options. We cut caravan finance deals with a wide variety of top-rated lenders so you can rest assured you’re getting the cheapest comparison rate. That means no hidden charges.

What’s more is there’s more than one kind of caravan loan out there for you. Choose from a low rate secured loan, a chattel mortgage or a hire purchase. Our loans come with regular payment plans and flexible terms that suit your needs. Contact one of our finance consultants to discuss caravan finance today!


  • Choose from a secured loan, chattel mortgage or hire purchase
  • Low fixed comparison rates to get a clear picture of costs
  • Regular repayment schedule that suits budgets of all kinds
  • Tax benefits apply to certain finance products and business owners
  • You get a fast approval
  • Uncomplicated finance with consultants who guide you through the process
  • Caravan Loan Experts


Why Get Caravan Loan through Us?

Fast Approvals

Our applications are fast and online to help you get approved faster.

100% Finance

We can offer 100% finance on caravan loans. No money down!

Multiple Lenders

We will shop around from multiple lenders to get you the best deal.

Low Rates

We can guarantee to provide you with the lowest rates on the market.

No Obligation

All of our finance applications are obligation free.  

Dealer or Private

We can arrange loan for both dealer or private, new or used caravans.

Our Lenders

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