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03 December 2013

Dealer Vs Private – What to Choose?

You want a new or late model car? There’s tons of options out there. You can buy from a dealer or turn to the private market to get a good deal. But what should you choose?


There are many benefits purchasing a car from a Licenced Motor Car Trader. The upsides to dealer sales is the security a dealer provides. Dealers are licenced and are accountable to their governing bodies. If a car is faulty after the fact, there is a definite place you can return it to.

Dealers can offer manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees on new and certified used cars where private sellers can’t. Dealers often build up a reputation over time, so you can research them online before you buy.


Private sellers are great if you want a better deal on slightly used cars. Private sellers often have one objective in mind: to sell their car, and quickly. They don’t want to keep paying rego and insurance on a car they no longer want. They don’t have overheads and are likely to offer lower prices than dealers can. As great as that sounds, they aren’t risk free.

You have to make sure they have up-to-date log books and repair histories for the car. You must check their car titles are in order. Dealers must provide correct titles on all the cars in their lot, as a condition of their licence. Private sellers aren’t bound by the same rules. If titles aren’t in order, you could get ripped off. Make sure you look at the Personal Property Securities Register before you commit to a private sale.