Frequently Asked Questions


I want a certified used car, can I still get finance on it?

Yes, at Car Loans Choice, we finance new and used cars in private or dealer sales with a variety of our car finance products.

I want an approval but I’m not great with computers. Can I still get one?

Yes, one of our financial consultants can help you over the phone.

I’m self-employed. Can I apply for a loan?

Yes, we help self-employed, casuals and part-time workers find the right car finance package for them.

I’m in Australia on a 457 Visa, can I still get a car loan?

Yes, we help people on 457 Business Visas get the car loan they need. Provide your passport and employment documents to get the process started.

I want a loan for an RV. Can I get one here?

Yes you can. Car Loans Choice finance all types of vehicles from caravans, boats, motorcycles and trucks.

I have bad credit but need a car. Am I still eligible for a car loan?

At Car Loans Choice we help lots of people who have bad credit, are ex-bankrupts or serial defaulters. Our finance consultants are here to help people in these situations get the finance they need.

My business is new. Can I still get a car loan?

Of course. We are happy to help new businesses get on the road.

I’ve only just turned 18 and have no credit file. Can I apply for car finance?

You can, however you will have to prove you are employed.

Is a lease like a loan? What is the difference?

A lease is an arrangement where a lessee takes ownership of the vehicle for a fixed amount of time and pays to use it. At the end of this period, they must return the vehicle, buy it outright or trade it in for a new lease. At the end of a loan, the ownership of the car is retained by the buyer.

What is residual value?

Residual value is the amount of money owed on a vehicle at the end of a lease, loan or mortgage term, plus government GST. This amount is determined at the start of a lease by Australian Tax Office guidelines.


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