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03 December 2013

Get to Know Comparison Rate Better

Car Loans Choice want to make getting your car loan fair and easy. We mention this term a lot: “comparison rate.” What does it mean, and how does it make car finance fairer and easier for you?

A comparison rate is an interest rate that takes into account costs such as loan approval fees, upfront charges and ongoing fees.

Comparison rates are regulated and must conform to a standard formula. The formula is calculated using:

  • The bare interest rate;
  • How much you intend to borrow;
  • Repayment schedule; and
  • The length of the loan.

All these different inputs produce a standardised comparison rate schedule, which gives you the power to see most available options from a range of financiers.

What comparison rates don’t include are government and statutory fees (which are standard for all finance products), insurance and “once-off” fees such as asking for statements or early repayment.

This gives you, the buyer, a clearer picture of how much the loan costs overall compared to a “bare-bones” interest rate. These rates might look appealing, but often come with a lot of “baggage” such as fees and charges which aren’t shown clearly.
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