A full range of insurance options that covers your car, your loan and any and all extras.


Car Loans Choice has you covered.

With buying a new car comes new responsibilities. Every car needs insurance, and we offer insurance brokerage that covers your car, your loan and any and all extras.


Car Gap insurance, also known as Motor Equity Insurance (MEI) is a type of coverage that pays out the remainder of your loan if your car is written off as a total loss or stolen. MEI covers any shortfall between the motor vehicle insurance payout and the balance owed on the loan.

  • Gap insurance also covers the costs incurred by you when purchasing a new vehicle, such as stamp duty, delivery charges and insurance excesses.
  • Have peace of mind – gap insurance settles a loan when there’s a insurance payout shortfall
  • Some policies include covering new insurance, CTP, delivery and even pre-approved hire cars
  • This helps all kinds of drivers from of paying too much out of pocket if your car is stolen or written off


Replacing tyres and rims is a huge out of pocket cost. Usually, comprehensive car insurance doesn’t cover these items when they’re damaged. If you own a 4WD or larger vehicle, this might be a very large up-front cost. Some features of tyre and rim insurance include:

  • A payout to cover the repair or replacement cost of damaged tyres and rims.
  • Coverage of accommodation costs if the damage occurred away from home
  • Longer terms – some policies last for three years
  • Selected policies with no excess on claims
  • Optional 24 Hour roadside assistance
  • Saves you money in the long run


Car Loans Choice is proud to provide comprehensive car insurance choice. Comprehensive MVI through Car Loans Choice offers competitive premiums with low excesses and a host of helpful features. It’s a wise choice for people who want a one-stop shop for loans and insurance.

  • Personal items coverage up to $500
  • Glass and windscreen damage coverage up to $500
  • Replacement hire car in the event of theft or total loss (write-off)
  • Reimbursement of taxi fares up to $50
  • New for old replacement for damage or theft if vehicle is less than 36 months old or travelled less than 100,000Kms
  • Competitive premiums with low excess
  • Guarantee on all repairs made over the car’s lifetime


In today’s uncertain world, it pays to cover yourself in times of crisis. If you’re injured or fall sick, you can’t work. You may find yourself out of work when you least expect it.

Consumer credit insurance covers you in times of need, so you don’t have to worry about car loan repayments.

  • Never worry about repayments if you’re sick or not working.
  • Doesn’t affect other payouts such as income protection, personal injury insurance or worker’s compensation.
  • 365 day, round the clock coverage.

Talk to one of our expert insurance consultants about any or all of our money saving premiums.